Behind every successful real estate agent is an exceptional team of professionals. Take a sneak peak behind the scenes and meet my team, all experts in property for sale on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

Though the sale of a house might seem like a straightforward process, there are over 250 important actions that need to be implemented to ensure the successful sale of a property, and these involve highly trained people with lots of skills.

This hive of activity is performed so smoothly that the vendor is not even aware of all the work that is taking place behind the scenes. Your commission is paying for an elite team, made up of four layers of expertise and supported by McGrath’s extensive network of the best of the best.

Our collective sales expertise

Your real estate agent

Even in the current market, houses for sale need the best sales expertise possible to achieve the highest sale value and a seamless transaction. This is particularly true in Mosman, where we have some of the most exclusive real estate in the country. And while in a strong market everyone may look the same, it’s far from reality, and in a tough market only the good agents survive.

As a real estate agent at McGrath I have more than 14 years’ experience selling properties in Mosman, Balmoral, Clifton Gardens, Cremorne and across the Lower North Shore. But most importantly, I love the local community I live in. Being clued up on all the well kept secrets in the area, I work tirelessly to ensure buyers discover how truly special it is, and will want a piece of the wonderland we live in.


My associate agent

But I’m not alone on this mission. I share my passion for Mosman real estate with my associate agent, whose key role is to nurture potential buyers and garner their interest in your property. This often means spending the entire day on the phone, answering purchasers’ many questions. They work with great determination at matching your property to buyers and at handling enquiries, as well as sourcing building reports. They handle strata enquiries, open home appointments and qualify buyers, meaning they find out if they are mortgage approved, whether or not they have been to other auctions and how many opens they’ve attended, all of which enables me to work out the best sales approach to use with each. Importantly, McGrath is the leading agent in every suburb across the Lower North Shore so we meet far more buyers every week than any other brand. Powered by the McGrath database, my team has access to this huge network of prospective buyers for your property, many of which are from overseas.

“I love the local community I live in… and will work tirelessly to ensure buyers discover how truly special it is.”

The innovation team

McGrath Mosman is part of a four office franchise group that acts as the innovation hub for McGrath as a whole. It is here that many of the new marketing and sales strategies are born. McGrath head office also tests new strategies with our aid, before rolling them out to all its other agencies, stretching from the top of Australia’s east coast all the way down to Melbourne.

“My associate agent and myself are at the forefront of the sale, but we also have the support of the extended McGrath network, in particular its innovation team.”

Our market leading property marketers

Client service manager and marketing coordinator

Our third layer of support comes in the form of the ultra-dynamic and efficient marketing coordinators.

This small elite army, handpicked by McGrath Estate Agents, prepare quotes, put campaigns together and publish all the necessary marketing across McGrath’s websites and in many media publications.

They also coordinate several other property marketing tasks, such as PR scheduling and social media posting, as well as signboard installation and removal. Finally, they organise local events and sponsorships, which help drive greater awareness of the McGrath brand and further increases our database size for your benefit. We are heavily involved with Little Athletics, where I was flipping sausages this afternoon, and I am also a part of fundraising efforts for Mosman Prep.

Award winning marketing suppliers

To complement our services we have a committed contingency of property industry suppliers, all top of their field and chosen by John McGrath himself to provide a range of specialist services.

The ‘swat team’

This highly-polished team of creatives include:

  • A photographer, photo retouchers and floor planners
  • A video producer & video editor – video is crucial as it generates 400% more online traffic to properties
  • Our own dedicated video presenter, Angela Shallis
  • Signboard installer
  • Media agencies to produce newspaper advertisements and editorials
  • Printers


The backbone of the operation

And let’s not forget our dependable finance department and trust accountant team that manage the legalities around taking deposits and holding trusts given the high-end value of the homes for sale. McGrath Estate Agents hold all payments in a trust, including marketing payments. This service is free of charge and earns interest for you the vendor.

And finally, we have technology gurus in charge of:

  • Listing management systems
  • Property campaign management
  • Digital and social media marketing tools
  • Supporting us with the latest visual media technologies

So when you choose me as your Mosman real estate specialist, it is not just my expertise that you get, but also that of a dedicated team, all working for you because they are simply the best of the best. We love our work and our community, and together we ensure you always have an outstanding sales experience.

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